Wednesday, 28 August 2013

It's a boy!

a bee themed event. What will it bee? I guessed boy and was right

What a busy weekend. Here is some non bmx content to poke around at. Myself and Brenna shot photo and video at her sister's baby gender reveal/baby shower. Then again at the River Float they held afterwards. Then it was time to celebrate Brenna's bday!

river float!

go team

water temperature was perfect and so were out hockey tape river noodle floaties

he won for best float. A deck with insulation boards. He had everything, a sail, mounted water machine guns that even swivelled, a bar, fruit, lattuce, citronella poles, and friggin' plants.

home made honey from the beekeepers as a take home gift

father to be in a game of washers (man sized 18 foot pace boxes that are smaller than what I am used to). Needless to say I wasn't any good

it's a boy!

backflip on the Kingston pier

a rare photo with me on the other side of the lens

doing my best christ air

a flower with a bee

a beautiful girl

ducks. In case your vision was off

this really cool store had amazing metal art

a sparkplug haired trumpet player

make sure to eat at Wooden Head's in Kingston. It's an amazing gourmet pizza place like no other. This is Brenna's bday dessert, apple crumble pie

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