Monday, 12 August 2013

Costa Rica photos part 4

canopy ziplining
This is the last of the photos. All the ziplining photos were were taken by the company photographer. He did a good job considering the low light and foggy weather. There is a random go pro shot in there, and then some off a point and shoot we bought for Brenna for the trip. The point and shoot turned out to be an utter pile of junk. Anyway, thanks for checking in. Plenty of bmx photos and video coming in the next week.

the Florida keys, were just there this winter

Brenna soaks up the heat

that camera is junk but this was a fun shot

rain ready

let's do this

great views from up there

Brenna on her first go

Add caption

my junk gets crushed, I felt like half puking the whole time because of my "boys" being crushed

it was a cool feeling, but no drop feeling at all

tarzan swing that goes way over this canyon

they yelled go upside down so I did

one hand no footer

loved every moment of it

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