Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lake Placid moto trip 2013

our first real stop for photos, that's white face mountain in the background

Frank, Ray, and myself packed up for a weekend in Lake Placid on the motorcycles for 2.5 days. This place and the surrounding area of Adirondacks is seriously a racetrack full twisty turns and hills surrounded by perfect landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, and rapids lining the roadway. It was insane. Like nothing else I have done before. It felt like linking the perfect run together in a skatepark. I certainly made use of the outer treads of my tires too. We packed light and I was only armed with the t3i with 50mm and my my buddy's gopro 3. Photos couldn't do this place justice, and to be honest we couldn't be bothered to stop in the best spots, because the riding was too good and stopping meant breaking the perfect flow we had going.  Everyone road really well and we covered a fair amount of ground considering the time we had, shorter days, and colder weather. Absolutely awesome. Can't wait to go back next year when it's not deathly cold out.

gopro strapped on a backpack backwards

on top of whiteface, the only shit road we could find
Ray via gopro

this water was reminiscent of Vancouver glacier water, it was only 13 celsius outside after all

this is a great view, and this was totally normal

yours truly

Ray again on his Honda CBR600f4i

on the way up to white face

1986 Honda Interceptor vf500f baby, ran flawlessly

we were so excited

I even did a .5 cartwheel
"east coast grand canyon", some giant chasm

Ray and Frank

there is an example of the roads we were driving

Frank atop white face

Frank zooms by on his insanely fast Yamaha R6 rocket

the oxygen was thinner at this height

and it made this trek a bit tougher than normal

captain cool

Frank and myself, winds blowing hard up here

oh just another random waterfall out in the middle of nowhere

the boys

star wars anyone?


planking well above sea level

that giant chasm

can't tell who has the stiffer stance here

the steel horses

good fishing spot, buddy was catching trout here

cool place

bmx life

another great view along the best roads

Frank looks on

Ray wasn't "feeling well" but had a great sense of humour about it

I could explore all day at these spots

it was just nonstop radness

here I got as close as I could to the rapids, but it's raw power was too strong to get closer. And my muscles were fading quick. Chalk it off as another great roadtrip memory

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