Saturday, 17 August 2013

Big Nickel Trip 2013

Josh gainers unknown water off a train bridge in Sturgeon falls. We estimated this jump at about 48-50ft. He did the gainer first jump. Then did it again perfectly as well. Then he called it there like a wise man. Don't think you're cool by saying it's not that high. A: you can't even see how much more he drops into the water. B: he did it first jump, INTO UNKNOWN water. C: the friggin' guy jumped off a beam, sideways, no running start, just standing balancing on a beam. D: Josh is the shit
It's important to me to make it down to Sudbury at least once a year. I have good friends there that do lots of driving to hang out on my account. Last year I failed, I didn't even make it once. I was able to break the slump. I didn't ride as much as the maniacs pictured below, but I felt good and had a blast hanging out and laughing. And yah, this post can only start with the best move of the trip. Josh is nuts. Oh and that is Rich Red photoshop job above there there. I opened all the photos I wanted to make a sequence of in some foolish paint program for 4yr olds and cut and past Josh into the relative area he should be, overlap and all. All shot on the T3i with Tamron 18-270mm which has been acting up. I also broke my fisheye trying to film Kyle. But I just got a new 50mm lens to sorta make up for that. It's my third one after smashing one in Spain and having one stolen in Gatineau. Enjoy.

prince of persia with the prince of bmx

Mat Rantala rides bmx with a classic style. Fufanu

Jaime does his signature wheel jam

Kyle makes the most out of this setup

Jay gets loopty

Josh get weightless

Jay stretches out an old school sheep hills superman

Kyle and Lady look on

Steve snapped this of me and Kyle jumping the cliff tandem

this neat "dirt" park in Petawawa had some really good jumps to offer. Jay no foot can

Nick did these great 3's all evening

this dirt park was actually crush stone and the jumps were skinny. But that didn't stop Steve from doing multiple no handed flips. They don't him fucking crazy for nothin'...

Jay puts his feet together and gives his best TJ Lavin impression

Nick takes a digger and removes 90% of the scabs that makes up 70% of his body

Stefan no hands

Jay Leroux. Give me $500 if you want this removed from the internet

Steve with a right proper toboggan

Jay gets the hands off too

and his feet

this sums up the look of a good weekend. Laughed out, tired, beaten, malnourished, and still smiling

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