Monday, 12 August 2013

Costa Rica photos part 2

this felt awesome

More photos with some more tidbits. Our main reason for doing Costa Rica mid Canada summer, was for the opportunity to see the Green Sea Turtles lay their eggs in the middle of the night in Tortuguero. It's a very sanctioned tour in this area as it is protected and only during the night hours (paid and guided of course). You can only wear dark clothing, no camera gear, no lights. Just the guide with a red head lamp. They wait until the turtle is physically laying her eggs (50-100 eggs) before we can view, otherwsie we could spook her back into the ocean. Then we get to watch her cover the nest and go back into the water. It's a tremendous thing to watch and take about 2 hours for the whole process. It's hard to explain, but it's avery special. Pretty much most of the world's sea turtle come the 24 mile stretch of beach in Tortuguero to lay their eggs. It is possible to watch turtles lay eggs elsewhere, but it is also possible to get killed by the poachers who make a living killing turtles and taking their eggs for drugs, etc. So it's a true memory. I mean, you can only get there by boat, you have to pay to get on the island, the guides are certified and checked every time they arrive, and meanwhile on the other side of Costa Rica, people are killing people trying to guard the turtles in non sanctioned areas. Humans are truly the worst animal ever.

massive dragonfly on our might missions

tracks from a sea turtle (likely the green sea turtle) on our beach. She did lay eggs here

this weird flower that peel like a banana sparkler

it did rain almost daily

everything extra big in Costa Rica

neat purple and black

poison frog again

buddy sun tanning with his prop gash

on our canal canoe adventure we came to a really neat area where the lagoon meets the ocean

and then I picked up random things

back at it

one of my many Brenna shots

another guy sun bathing

do these plants make sense?

a spider

another angle of the frog eater

Brenna snapped this cool shot

a caiman in the canals

buddy doing the cool glass work

ah hot springs

more bridges

no hesitation



ready for the next waterfall

Brenna braves the frigid fresh water

we did get a stranger to take this. I gotta say she took brutal photos but said this when I asked, "no problem, I have a Canon SLR too". Um thanks friend. Glad you can see ANY of the waterfall

best done yourself

this was a great adventure

team adventure living it up

no caption required

on creepy crawly patrol

buzz off vulture

here comes the rain

perfect surf in the background, waves would come in perfectly times 4-10ft with perfectly flat water in between. Only thing I felt I missed out on, but we just didn't have time to surf


only photo from snorkelling. I got to swim with a spotted stingray at about 3ft for 30-40 seconds

why can't we have this in Ontario?

the blue macaw

just a random shot from the main canal

our friend is back. This guy was quite large and could hap-hazardly run across the water on command

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