Monday, 12 August 2013

Costa Rica photos part 3

we took a pretty serious kayak ride around an island and found our own private beach

These are a bunch of go pro photos. Go Pro2 is pretty useless in the water. That and I actually chipped the casing area over the lens, so that didn't help photo quality. That being said, it did a pretty good job and got us lots of cool angles.

hot springs romance

this water was like 120 degrees

it's a handy camera

underwater lights at night

yeah buddy

on the bridge 

the waterfall was so powerful and the water was plenty deep, I felt like I was drowning a few times

here we stood on a rock though


f-ing eh

yyyyyyeah buddyyyyy

the only day we got burnt, our shins...

I love the colours here

this was our private beach, out somewhere in the ocean


hey yeah buddy

paradise continued

me playing in the surf

look at the flat water and then perfect wave. I really missed out on surfing here

on the main canal en route to our first destination

our first ocean dip and we are so excited by the temperature 

the pool was perfect for quick dips in between jungle adventures

grab it!

in the jungle

monopod is a must

it makes me looks tall

they sell these at ikea


ol' white chest

this was day one and we were just so excited

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