Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lake Placid motorcycle trip 2014 update #1

we camped on our own island

The trip has come and gone. It was a blur. It was awesome. We hit up Lake Placid and Lake George. We lost a day to rain, got drenched, but also made the best of that too. What a great time. Can't wait for the next one. Check back soon for more updates, with actual motorcycles in them.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

itch scratched

'09 yz250f first ride from Dirty Lens Productions on Vimeo.

The night Jeff left, I put the Warrior up for sale. I couldnt resist any longer.  After having the motocross itch really bad from riding with Jeff, I helped Derek get his yz250f running. And then that made it so much more worse. The Brose Jam happened (no photos). It was a totally awesome event. I can't relate to the motocross community, especially the freestyle culture, but what a great show. Those guys are absolutely insane. I won't ever do that stuff, but it's amazing to watch. And just hearing the engines go, makes you want to ride and listen to heavy metal. I got on kijiji and found an awesome ride. Itch finally scratched. Relief. Ray lent me his truck for a few days. I grabbed the bike and slapped together this small edit from random pit riding in two days with a tripod. Back in the saddle after 4 years off, I felt relatively comfortable at home. Enjoy.

Friday, 11 July 2014

motored machines

Jaime shreds on the warrior, my fav photo from the session

Jeff got the itch to get a dirt bike. So I found him one in the area. That gave me an itch. Jeff came down with the trailer to get it with Jaime. Hey's let's go to a nearby pit and bring the Yamaha Warrior 350 quad I bought and never have time or motivation to use. I was never into quads as a first machine, good toys, but only if I have a few serious machines first to play on. We hit up the pit and had a good 'ol time. Jeff had his first dirt bike experience and Jaime totally shredded on the quad. Not sure when Jaime last rode a quad, but it was as if he was a daily driver. Check the photos for proof, he wasn't rolling into the turns, he was cooking. We had a great time. Problem is that really started an itch for me. Still more updates coming.

I'm open

Hey I am open!

 I am lucky enough to be part of a new team with long time friend Chris Riopelle. Ben Kaufmann and Jay Leroux are also on the team (Benny didn't play this night). Chitters shot these photos for me. We have a new logo and jerseys and all. The Dekes of Hazzard! I think it was Rio that came up with that, while Derek helped me make the logo. Damn don't we look good? Just need to fix our track record now…

Manitoulin bound

Ginger with the rides 
Haven't had too many good reasons to post up until recently. Jeff finally bought a bike, and I finally got to ride with Ginger. This quickly led to a trip to Sudbury, which then turned into a trip to Manitoulin Island. We packed up and rode with little sleep. Just getting to Sudbury (Hanmer) was a task. We packed to camp, and well team dilly dally never actually camped. We stayed at Jeff's and enjoyed a random metal band at a nearby pub, then once in Manitoulin we settled to stay at an Inn where would could enjoy some drinks with locals, as well the Stanley Cup Finals were on tv. Great trip. Just not enough time to get it all out of the system. Thanks to Ginger for getting behind the lens on the very few photos we shot. I can't believe I brought a camera and only came back with this. Never again. More updates soon.