Friday, 29 June 2012

a Blast from the Past

dubbed the poor man's porsche
Plenty going on in life between bmx life. I recently just picked up a 1988 Honda CRX Si. I paid a bit more than I wanted, but it's relatively untouched and only had 110k on the original engine. It drives really great to back that claim. I always wanted one of these cars and hopefully I can appreciate it enough to keep it for a while before moving on to something else. Power steering, pwr sunroof, AC, and pwr windows! Sweet little ride. Red too! I can't lose money on this car because of how rare it is to find them in such shape. Most dorks have changed the body to look like a transformer or something stupid. Drastic changes that really can't go back to normal ever.

I also recently went on a camping trip with my youth leadership program that I partake in. It's youth from Lowertown who really don't get the opportunities that you and I may have had growing up. We went to Christie Lake near Pertch and it was an absolute blast seeing these real city kids waaaaay out of the element. Showing them a more positive side to life. That is a change for some of them.

Ray came down and we did a mini photoshoot of him on his motorcycle. He recently dropped his camera in a lack and the kit lens shoots a bit foggy still. I was able to touch it up a bit, but check out the crisp fisheye shots. I took his bike for a spine and wow. It just keeps revving and revving without redlining. I was doing 130kmph before I knew it and I wasn't uncomfortable. Scary fun.

Canada day weekend is upon and it's the best weekend in Ottawa all year without a doubt.


Random iPhone pic of Ray on the why with his Acura RSX. Check the weird look of the rims rolling

2002 Honda F4i. Sweet ride

foggy top half. Could be a new filter I should try selling

I like this

this as well

flashed him from the front and let the sun backlight him. Gave off real nice and deep, rich colours.

me making pancakes for the campers

Can't remember the name of this game, but I had to grab people's tails off as they ran by

me and Omar team up on Tracy like hyenas on a deer

find the weak, sick, or slow and make the kill. Way to go Omar

as you can see we were having a great time

here Dino the deer gets away from me

I caught a snake that Ray pointed out

really nice candid shot by one of the campers with my camera. She took a few great pics throughout the trip and was instantly addicted to shooting photos. This was from far away. Candid is always the best. Here I discuss fishing techniques on our way down to the lake

She didn't get the face in focus, but great shot nonetheless

Almost all the group on the final day

I found an abandoned house on the way back home

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