Thursday, 21 June 2012

Brose Farm Dirt Jam 2012

CFS was in top form
Brose Farm Dirt Jam 2012 went down successfully. What a great weekend. Perfect setup and vibes with equally good weather to boot. Josh's (and his many helpers) hard work was put to good use as approximately 30 riders hit the course throughout the day. There isn't a whole hell of a lot to say about it. It was the area's best bmx event of the year, easily. I only look forward to the next one. Thanks to the Brose family and the gracious sponsors who kicked in plenty of goodies for the rider's efforts. Brenna and Ray shot a few of the more random photos shown here. Enjoy.

this is just proof that there were girls there

at least he is eating something

where is the frat house?


Ginger's truck

stifling heat made me buy a kids pool for the dogs

Chris took a hard slam early in the day and resorted to filming the action and partying really hard


Jay gets flat on the 1/4

Josh kept busy all day and maybe only got 3 runs in. We'll go back to sesh  it though

this does not qualify as drinking and driving

nothing crazy here, just a cool shot with nice colours

Emile killed it all day

so did his buddy. I think this kid even did a tuck no hander to ET

Emile gets proper

Ben stretched this so far I cropped him off. And he says "I don't like doing that trick." Bull!

Tommy jumped all day with style and confidence

Jay was having a blast

Ben backflip no hander

Jay channels some Van Homan for us

I have never seen Steve flip a double. This was pretty rad and he did it many times

I didn't get many photos of Ryan Eles but he was killing it. Best trick was a barspin to no footed can can. Pretty unreal combo to be casually throwing down

Steve stays proper for the lens

Jay ended up trucking this jump. Here he feels it out with another boosted 360

Emile tdown backflip

Tommy doing his little side dance

Josh couldn't decide between getting blasted or fixing the jumps

second angle of Emile's tdown flip

and this pretty much sums up everyone's feeling

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