Monday, 9 July 2012

Dirty Lens blog is 1 year old!

I love shooting this trick as much as I love watching him do it

July 9th is here and my desktop is overflowing with June photos. I decided to check to see when I first posted on here. Turns out it's a full year to the day. A few weeks back I went to Toronto with Brenna and we had a great time wandering and relaxing. We started down by the brewery district and then got some of those whacky bixi bikes and cruised around downtown. I finally stopped at the "Big Apple" on the way back off the 401. You haste surely seen it; it's a giant apple. Stop sometime. While at the Mill Street Bew Pub we ran into Dave McCaig who was shooting photo for some nerdy bicycle enthusiast event. Then we randomly saw Mike Heaton fly by downtown on his bmx. There is no doubt in my mind where that guy's passion lies. He was just full speed cranking down the street. Check out Brenna's photos of a hail storm in June. Crazy! Got out for a small bmx session today with Crazy Steve. He shredded as expected. Always more pics in the works. 4800+ visits in the last 365 days. Lots of random people checking the motocross pics it would seem. Anyway, check back soon. Enjoy

Canyon inspects the possible food

basically dry ice

Brenna said it didn't melt for quite some time despite the heat outside

she said she was sure the windows were going to break it came down so hard

full moon in Casselman

Brenna enjoys the T3i while I enjoy a cider

the sun really brings out her freckles

beer drinkers haven

hippie junk, or excuse me, "art"

Toronto is a really lively city compared to Ottawa. Down by the Jarvis market

Barbie bus? I dunno, not much worse than yellow I suppose

Hockey Hall of Fame

I was able to wheelie this bixi bikes not too bad. bystanders seem to get a kick out of that

why not a photo eh?

Crazy Steve no helmet flip

who needs a helmet, it won't stop you from getting a black eye

hip whip cp

cp life. best hip ever or most played obstacle ever?

Steve dips a 3 over the spine

you know Steve is having fun if he is jumping across the park

Steve lays it down one more time for me and my ebay flashes. which works very well I must say

He did pretty much every trick on this little hip spot in Gloucester. tuck no hander

It's a small but unique spot worth riding once or twice. It's not often you can find something like this in Ottawa. Get to it

Steve snapped this perfect shot of me throwing the bars. Thanks Steve

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