Thursday, 14 June 2012

hold your fire

Jorden sets his sights with the Henry .22
 Jorden and I were recently lucky enough to be taken out for a day of shooting by a couple of friends. Our experts really were just that; experts. Hospitable and generous, they provided and excellent lesson in shooting and all the science that goes with it. And even some history on top of that. I was a really fun day and we got to shoot some unique guns. One being especially unique for various reasons that I won't get into (all legal, yes. Just not for you!). Guns never bothered me before, but I definitely feel more comfortable around them. I could easily see myself taking the license test this season just to have. I highly recommend taking advantage of a shooting opportunity if ever presented to you. It's a fun skill most Canadians should be familiar with. Who knows when the zombie apocalypse is coming?

Hey, if you weren't swimming last Monday then your were probably already dead. Hit the water park and it was a blast. Some really fun new additions and school is still in so the place wasn't packed. Make sure to get out to Calypso. Not cheap, but well worth the fun. They even heat the water there... crazy.

REMINDER: If you are not going to Josh's dirt jam this weekend, you might be dumb. Try and fix that would you?

the new GoPro HD2 I got for my birthday being put to use. Me and Brenna get soaked

It takes really great photos

nice and crisp water

so much fun

not much to say here. Wooooooooo!

I think my expression speaks for itself

I must admit Jorden holding guns is a bit scary, but he was very comfortable and has a great shot. Here is pictured with  Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun

Nick on the Remington VTR .22. He is a true enthusiast and knows his stuff

Kasey gets some speed shooting in on his shotgun

Jorden gets to shoot an Italian "P Beretta" hand gun from WW2. This gun killed people for real. This gun is so old it was made before Beretta dropped the P from its name. An interesting story follows the gun's history. Nick is very luck to have such an item.

my turn

Oh Hungry? Oh Henry!

Jorden on the Canon

Nick ejects a case during some long range practice

Me shooting a slug. Quite a bit more punch than the target shots

the VTR was really fun as it had a 30 round mag and was semi auto, but it unfortunately jammed up a lot probably due to the low quality plastic magazine. Fun little gun though

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