Thursday, 7 June 2012

Alive and Kickin'

Jay with his most consistent trick
Took a quick day trip to the Aylmer trails. They are alive and well thanks to a few dedicated diggers. Big ups to those guys. They have been putting in some work and the trails are a lot bigger and more fun than they used to be. Lots of MTB influence, but I ain't digging', so I can't complain now can I? A decent session went down and all was well until some Gatineau puke decided to gank my 50mm lens from my open bag. Who would leave an open bag full of camera gear near a pack of people? I would. It's a small scene and if it's dog eat dog, you'd better hide in your dog house. Karma is coming for you buddy. I opted to not point fingers at the group of people around the area. 30 years old and yelling at young folk, just makes you look crazy. But don't think you are ever too young to be slapped. Anyways, Benny Kaufmann and Emile Otis showed up and proceeded to shred the place, but my batteries died. I did manage to score a couple of video  clips of ben though. Here are some photos of the afternoon.

the boys wait their turn

Jorden gets pretty close to flat over a straight jump

I dug this up from an old trunk. Must have been shot sometime in the early 20's. So vintage!

Jorden gets his fill

Jay's arsenal of tricks is always expanding

Sadly, he thought this was a nac nac. What a noob!

let's hope I missed the best part of this toboggan

He had all sorts of no footed can style going on. All of them were beauties

Ben also adds one to his book. Hard to believe but barspins were not really a reality for Ben. He was also shit handed... but hey, he is tossing this proper over a jump. Pretty impressive 
Jorden shot this nothing of myself

And this one. Can't wait for Josh's dirt jam. I will get all the hang time I need for this type of stuff

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