Monday, 22 September 2014

Limerick Forest ride

when it runs, it runs amazing
We hit Limerick Forest in the late afternoon one day last week. We never seem to get a full day riding because we are consistently dealing with engine gremlins on Derek's bike. When the thing runs, it produces nice shots like these. Fresh sand is a lot like fresh powder at a ski hill. And getting the shots early in the session is key. These are all slightly touched up, mostly washed out colours and some sharpened. My old Tamron 18-280 is no longer as sharp as it once was, which causes it's focus to slow down too. We did pretty ok snapping shots of each other regardless. And Derek even got some air on a drop off. Make sure to check these out full screen to see the beauty of the fresh sand. Hope you are all getting in your final summer plans as fall is upon us in a hurry.

Limerick Forest has amazing trails, I could use a remote flash in there though

Derek gets ready for a sandy pit area of the forest

fresh powder

unfortunately a lot time is lost to this bike being finicky

magazine cover shot

I will use the 50mm next time and see if we get better results

right on buddy

this one was too neat an angle to pass up

Add caption

sometimes feels like snowboarding, just sliding across the top and making a new track


clean photo Derek

fun drop off

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