Sunday, 14 September 2014

gopro pov

fresh sand is the equivalent of fresh powder

 I will have to stop borrowing Chris and Jay's go pro and just buy one of my own. Here are some random photos from the last few weeks. These are from the "chesty" mounted angled. Also borrowed from Steve haha. This really gives the best perspective from behind the bars. Like a first person video game. These go pro 3 models are really great and come through quite well even in poorly lit situations. Thanks again guys.

getting jolted around
this is a private and secret track I am lucky enough to ride at

I always have a good time here and get my limits pushed from the other riders

getting a little crossed up on a jump

I surprise a group of wild turkeys

sorry for the dirt blotch that got splattered on, too neat a shot to pass up

fresh pow baby

into the woods

and this neat bridge crossing

got these cheap ebay gloves to match my custom bar pad

my rig

and my matching goggles are the last thing the camera always sees

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