Sunday, 21 September 2014

first race ever

warmup first corner

 This was a fun experience. I raced in the Vet Junior class at MX101 (Sadn Del Lee) in Richmond, Ontario. A lot went wrong that day for me, namely missing the practice. I only got one race due to weather complications. So I had one single practice lap before my race. That really stressed me out. I knew my arms wouldn't last with no practice or warmup. And I was right. I had a really good first lap, and then the arm pump came. Not too many photos with other riders in them, because I was at the back of the pack within 2 laps. I did have a blast though. I felt really out of place, like first day of high school. But at the end I felt like a cool kid. Thanks to everyone coming out to watch and Ginger for snapping these photos of me. And an extra thanks to my un-named race crew that took care of me all day and put my mind at ease. I always said I wanted to try it, so I am really proud of myself for getting it done at 32, finally. Hopefully next year I am better prepared though. Thanks again for everyone's support.

starting gate

my fav shot from the day, it's me and you can tell I am in a race haha

I snuck in the back door and came out of this stretch moving up a spot or two

like I said, it didn't last long though

I hung on though

my race crew kept telling me elbows up, to help save my forearms from dying

I would forget by the next corner though

this was a really fun table I could jump consistently despite rubber arms

I'll be back

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