Thursday, 9 October 2014


I got comfy on this big table, it was about 60ft or so. It certainly wasn't the biggest jump there though
Jeff came down for the a full weekend to ride in the dirt. We had a blast, but ended up filming more than taking photos. Well more than anything actually, we just rode as much as we could. We hit up X-Town motocross track in Mirabel, QC. Really great tracks, yes plural. Something for everyone there. I had some nice photos of Jeff, but they along with a nice photo of a hawk eating a dove in my yard, accidentally got deleted. So this is a really quick update. Just getting time to work on some video stuff now. I will offload some phone photos from the year first though. Thanks to Jeff for his keen eye behind the lens.

good enough for a no hander

and not x-town, just filler from another fun track

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