Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lake Placid motorcycle trip 2014 update #2

best breakfast around, especially the french toast. Out of this world amazing. Country Bear in Wilmington

Still so pumped about this trip. Next year's will only be better. Check back for more soon.

removing our stashed bikes

then we all took turns getting photos with the great background

that's whiteface mountain in the back 
Ray on his f4i600

Ginger on his gs500e

Derek with a no hander

and bubble mask on his forty eight

brand new Harley, great looking bike

and me on my old vf500f

not much to say, but I just have to talk don't I?

must have bounced up off a pebble or something

les boys

rain up ahead

turned out to be a false alarm for the day

way up in the mountains, and there is a lake up there somehow? awesome

let's swim shall we?

man these guys get close in photos

like a dog I can't get out of the water

me and Ray soak up the perfect lake water way above sea level

Ginger tries to deal with the sun

ravishing rick rude lives

my best Jeff imitation

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