Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lake Placid motorcycle trip 2014 update #1

we camped on our own island

The trip has come and gone. It was a blur. It was awesome. We hit up Lake Placid and Lake George. We lost a day to rain, got drenched, but also made the best of that too. What a great time. Can't wait for the next one. Check back soon for more updates, with actual motorcycles in them.

A beaver damn that was waist high

Ginger celebrates the cool scenery

I look like some sort of douche bag magician trying to levitate


the area is just so interesting and beautiful

this happened randomly, and it appears Ray gives his best measurement of Derek's wood


Ginger hucks a rock into the water

who wouldn't want to hang out and have some drinks here

fantastic swim hole, me getting upside down

Derek takes a jump

in my glory

Ray tried swimming in the current, no dice

what a day

Derek looking cool

the guys stripped down to get to the island to scope it out for camping

still stripped down and excited to start the evening

got a light?


fireball Z

see you soon

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