Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lake Placid motorcycle trip 2014 update #3

another amazing lake up in the mountains

The final update of photos. Damn was it ever good. Adventure at every corner. Animals everywhere, amazing scenery, and the best roads I have ever seen.


RTP says the island is good to go

predatory bird of sorts

so happy for this adventure 
setting up camp at night, on our damn island!

no better reason to celebrate

I was up really early

this is how I slept to keep from freezing to death

summer slam



getting his jersey tan on

restaurant means wifi, and that means phones

Derek waddling his spoon

CB gets a fireball in the face

campfire selfies

Ray appears to be burning to death and enjoying it

CB500 stokes the fire

this guy enjoy wood

we got drenched one day and made the best of it. And I mean drenched

hotel scenery on the rainy day

thumbs up fer sher


no handers all around

CB for the pass

fist pumps were common

lazy boy. Seriously look where we are riding.

Ginger on his pass

suzuki doesn't make ads this nice

and I get the final goodbye

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