Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Florida day four

8ft Lemon shark takes a bite
Day four was great, but not as good as it should have been. We booked a shark tour on a boat. I am not yet dive certified, and even then there are no dedicated shark dives in the US. Well, you are not allowed to bait for sharks on dives. So unless you go to the bahamas, etc, then the shark tour was the next best thing. They bait the sharks off the side and you enjoy the show. Usually 12-20 sharks, with several big species coming through. Unfortunately we had a real cold snap over night, dropping the temperature so low, the sharks get very lethargic and their metabolism slows. They need warmer temperatures to be active. The shark tour wanted to cancel. I had other plans. I am Canadian I say, I can handle the cold. So tour guide eventually said yes. Problem is the sharks couldn't and I didn't know. Would have regretted not going, but we certainly did not get the show we were supposed to. The sharks were just not interested. Oh well. We saw an 8ft Lemon and 7ft Nurse feed a bit. One of the best parts was a giant loggerhead turtle that passed us while we watched the sharks feed. This thing was easily the size of a big 4-wheeler. Cruised on by and he was gone just like that. Then we enjoyed Key West afterwards as it warmed up for the evening. Key West is a really neat place. Party everywhere all the time, but we were the youngest people by far. Very weird dynamics there. Furthest Southern place in the US!

pumped for the shark tour

shark bait

right where I belong, in the action.

toughing the cold

a glimpe of Key West's Mallory Square

no need for a caption

I just can't get enough of wildlife

love this guy's colours. Couldn't hold him though, he was a biter

a truly amazing toy store

place was unreal

I found it to be better than the famous New York one I went to. Maybe it's just because I love sharks so much

at the historic movie theatre

even hillbillies go on vacation

another big ass tree

a real cock fight


we have arrived

my feet hurt so bad from walking. Skate shoes are the worst
famous bar full of dollar bills with famous signatures and quotes

all the Florida Keys have "sunset parties" every single night. Here we are down at the docks while street performers do their thing with the limited light

Brenna actually shot all these great sunset photos

quite the act

Key West was full of neat buildings and things to see

this is my new desktop picture

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