Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Florida day two

just a neat pic Brenna shot while we drove

Day two brought us further south into the glades. We took most of the day to go through the South East area and hit some nice driving and walking paths in the glades. We saw a lot more than we expected. Once again, lots of great photos I can't even squeeze in here. And lots of photo credit goes out to Brenna. Check back, day three coming soon!

pulled over and snapped a pic of this hawk from afar

this got me really excited. I had only seen a bald eagle recently in Pennsylvania. I had to act quick as this guy was on the move. I pulled over and put the camera on manual focus, zoomed in a far as I could and did my best.
very majestic 

decent look at him from here
Brenna snapped this on the fly again. Not sure what they were picking, but I will go out on a limb and say they were not getting paid very much 
once we pulled up to Anhinga walking trail, we saw a disclaimer sign warning about damage to cars caused by vultures. We pulled up past the sign and we understood. Look at all those vultures. There was about 100 of them in the area and they just walk beside you and hop along. Pretty entertaining birds. Here in the foreground one uses his wings like a radiator to expel the heat from his body

the walking trail proved to be awesome. Non stop gators everywhere

this big turtle probably weighed about 40lbs



novel approach

there was nobody or nothing stopping us from going over and getting eaten. Well a bit of common sense maybe stopped us

or did it?

coulda touched them, but I knew it was wrong or I may have got killed haha

this 10 footer didn't flinch. Neither did I. I was prepared to make my escape though

he was a great looking gator

I forget the name of these fishing birds. The Japanese puts rings around their heads and put them in the water like a dog on a leash. The birds fill up on fish and when their throats get too big to allow anymore fish past the rings, the Japanese bring them on board and make them puke out all the fish. Then repeat. Pretty cruel, but smart idea.

little lizard guy

we hit a small beach on the way to hotel afterwards. You'd be surpassed to know that the Florida Keys don't offer much in terms of beaches. Almost all the land along the water is privately owned by really, really rich people. And the available areas to "swim" are insanely shallow for like a mile out, and they are not really sandy like you'd like. Beautiful, but surprising really. Beautiful Brenna looks on

getting comfy before the sunset

this is a completely unedited photo of the sunset

lots of neat stores litter the roads going through the Keys. Tons of beautiful expensive artwork that only the Rich people can afford. They didn't hold back at this one place. It was like the Keebler Elve's treehouse in the back. Quite amazing.

I don't get to see the moon in this position often

we tried to capture the beauty of this tree but could not. Partially due to me being in the photo. There were some really impressive huge trees with insane vines growing in every direction.

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