Sunday, 3 February 2013

Florida day five

great view above the ocean
The final full day. We made our way back through the keys stopping at places we saw on the way up. We had to get back to Miami that night as we had to be in the airport for 4am. So we did some parasailing, checked out a bird sanctuary, and caught our final sunset before heading into Miami for a nice dinner and a movie. We saw Django Unchained and it was great. Then made our delayed flight back to Ottawa to hit terrible conditions as expected. We were very tempted to just stay a lot longer. It was a great trip, but too quick. Hopefully this keeps us sane until Costa Rica. Thanks for checking in.

one of the crew members was kind enough to shoot with my slr onboard

felt nothing like parachuting down from sky diving, but it was really fun nonetheless

dipping our feet


I named this guy Steve. Get it?

this guy knew what was up

a beautiful hawk

I can't really explain this spider. It was the ONLY bug we saw on the trip and it made no sense. It was so tiny, like not much bigger than the lead of a pencil. And it had this spiked shell. You tell me what kind it is

at the sanctuary the pelicans are very comfortable with humans since they get fed a lot

these neat birds were found everywhere on the trip, even hanging out with the gators

it's not too often you get to see owls move. This guy was huge, and I thought he looked really menacing

look at talon. It looks like the hand/claw on the film cover for the original Amityville 3D film from the 80's or so. Google it. Pretty sure there is a giant hand like that busting out of a house on the cover.

we make our way through the sanctuary boardwalk

more epic trees and vines. Hard to capture in photo. So nice

Brenna and the final sunset party

that's it folks. Thanks for checking the photos and following my trip

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