Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Taz session Jan 2013

Tommy with a trick rarely seen these days. The fufanu. Not all is lost with the younger generation after all?

Check out some recent Taz photos from this month. People shredded and we logged some great footage as well. Shot with the T3i - canon 35mm and Opteka 6.5mm fisheye. 

Ben nosepicks the sub box

Ben models himself to help me set the focus

Tommy was doing great footjam combos on "the Spot" sub

Ben gets his fill with a toothpick

Tommy again

Benjamin toothpick

Ben nosepicks the wall face of the sub. Jason!

Craig I hang off your balls quite a bit, but this pocket sucked it pretty good. I could have not used it at all and saved you the burn, buuuuuuut. You know how I am. 

Craig totally redeems himself with a sizeable wall tap about 5ft back out of the bowl

Ben always has perfect no handers and I consistently cut his hands out. Drives me nuts

Shawn motos his way through the bowl

Craig actually couldn't do tables a year ago and was insistent on seeing the pics to check for knee placement etc. Now he just shrugged out of boredom when I asked if he could do another for me.

Ben wallride to whip. I think he did like 6 of these perfectly just to get a solid pic out of me

Shawn moto-ing again

angle #2. I like this one. I am happy with both really

this is awesome. Ben does his best Doyle

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