Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dirty Lens spring edit

First Day of Spring 2012 from Rich Red on Vimeo.

I have sent the T3i in for warranty for the dead pixel. Luckil;y it has happened just short of the manufacturer's one year warranty. In the meantime I have figured out how to embed video. MAKE SURE TO WATCH IT FULL SCREEN IN HD ON THE VIMEO SITE PLEASE. Or straight up visit the Dirty Lens Productions vimeo page link in the top right corner of this blog. This is a video from the last of the good weather a few weeks ago. I will have to get a new proper filming camera as this DSLR style just won't cut it for everything I want to do filming wise. You will see the dead pixel in the video. You will also notice I forgot my light I purchased specifically for night like in this video. Fuck. Enjoy!

Oh yah. Obviously I won't have a camera for the next few weeks, but do come back. I will upload some hard drive goodies next week.

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