Tuesday 10 April 2012

almost pool season?

I won't say no to a good pool session. But facts are facts, and pretty much nobody is going pool hunting without Jeff. Jeff ain't here. That means I ain't riding pools this year. Here is a quick look of some of the guys "shralping pools" as it was commonly referred to a few years back. That was a great year. Thanks to everyone's kean eye and Jeff's motivation. I realize that last part is an oxymoron.
Jeff shreds, excuse me, shralps the meadowlands pool. When full of water this was a frequent illegal swim hole as well with a really fun diving board and safely deep section

I go as high as I can at 5 in the morning off a spot near riverside/smyth
Jorden tosses the hots at prince of wales motel

here Jorden hides while Kyle doesn't care

motley crew at the st.laurent (RIP) location. Jorden has a seizure

Kyle kills the vert wall with a barspin while Jorden captures the excitement. Probably the coolest pool I got to ride. It had a lot of lines

same guys, different seizure

it felt cool

the crew at the meadowlands location

here I avoid the water with a tdown

sort of a pool. Jeff shralps the vorlage waterpark worth a toothjam. nobody else could even ride this thing

this photo has been posted before, but think of how much fun these guys are both having brakeless!

Jorden and Kyle Ox hiding from cars. Jorden seizures with a  mouthguard still in

I don't know how to describe this thing. Kind of like riding the inside of an air balloon while it rests on a hill. It was incredibly disorienting. It was a funnelled and downhill full pipe essentially. Jorden throws the bars

he whipped it too. Can your eyes even grasp this thing?

this angle makes it even more confusing. Walk another foot or so and you slip down the slide and into the pitch black. It was also the only way out once you entered the top. We all rode out in a line with our feet dragging and everyone screaming. So much fun

the riverside/smyth location. Jeff clocks pool #6 that season. He ended up riding 13. I felt like a champ and rode 6 of his 13. Jeff rode half of them by himself. He was a pool fiend

Chitaroni took this great shot of myself at the prince of wales spot. I keep this photo close to my heart

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