Monday, 26 March 2012

spring arrived, Ben shredded, spring left

 The weather was record breaking last week and riders everywhere got their sessions in. Good thing, cuz it's damn cold again. I made my way to Orleans to pretty much watch everyone else ride. I haven't ridden in months and with a new bike, I was extra terrible. But this gives me a good excuse to break out the camera. And Ben didn't disappoint. I also got a new iMac that has been working very well. Jorden hooked me up with the new Final Cut too, so my edits should have a slight improvement in quality and looks overall. I really want to up the quality this year and focus on looks as opposed to quantity. I really need to get a traditional filming camera, because this DSLR filming feels beaten to death already, AND I have a dead pixel already. Balls. Idiocy never fails. I am speaking of higher quality edits, but you'll notice I forgot my filming light for the new edit. It was kinda key considering it was night and... well, dark. Good times. Check back really soon for the edit!
Norco's Ben Kaufmann cranks a turndown on the hip

Ben concentrating on barspins

He does these without thinking though

lofty table

gotta get that fish shot

Jorden showed up

in Best Buy attire, penny loafers included, and proceeded to table my bike because I am a chump

shifty eyed Craig Robinson finishes a session with a brew

Ben has a dedicated Norco-mobile completely brakeless to practice barspins and other Edwin like tricks. Must be nice to haves two bikes!

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