Sunday, 22 April 2012

my 30th bday and more

Rich's 30th b-day weekend edit from Rich Red on Vimeo.

First off, don't dare watch the above video on here in shit definition. Use it to go into my page or click the top right link to get to my vimeo page. So many things have happened and I am still stuck without the T3i. iPhone photos will have to suffice. Not the nicest, but it is handy on the go. I did buy a new camcorder, the Panasonic AG-HMC40. I couldn't resist any longer. The restrictions of a DSLR for filming were driving me nuts. It even came with a good fisheye so I am back in business. You will see how Kyle just about smashes together a full edit in no time at all. We rode for one single afternoon. That's it. Crazy. Ben Kaufmann and the Craz-E-Crew also made it to the Canada's Got Talent semi finals. They did a show live on television and it was awesome. They didn't end up going any further because Canadians somehow how prefer dudes doing opera covers and guys in spandex looking a fool. The judges made it obvious they were the best though. Good job! Just a reminder that I have the best girlfriend and friends. Everyone came to together and made my 30th birthday a real special one I won't forget. Thanks to everyone for everything! Here's to many more good years!!!

Brenna went above and beyond on my birthday, everything was shark themed. check the cupcakes in the background!

She is a true artist. This was initially lined with delicious fresh fruit and candy fish. simply amazing

view of downtown Ottawa near Elgin, from the top of a building at work

myself and Brenna went to Lake Placid earlier in the winter and went bobsledding. wow, really crazy sport

Ben showed up at Derek's 30th dressed all classy. here he tries to seduce the viewers with a white chocolate strawberry

my hockey teammate Chris blocked a shot

Ben and Moxley on Canada's Got Talent. any future bookings I am sure clients will want them to dress up like they did on live television haha

Jorden's wonderful gf brought us back a mickey of absinthe from Barcelona. everyone involved got one shot and some heartburn for the proceeding 30 minutes

got tix with Brenna for game 4 Sens vs Rangers. Sens came up big in OT. crowd was by far the best they have ever been in that normally quiet building

and if you thought Canyon had bad slobber, meet Lucas. So much worse and so much more affectionate!

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