Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tremblant weekend getaway

It was a blast. A bit of snowboarding was done, a bit of hockey was played, lots of drinks were drank, and not lots of sleeping was had. We hit the hill late but had fun none the less. Most of our time was spent drinking honestly. People relaxed and got wrinkled in our own personal hot tub. The chalet was awesome and the setup was great. Deer just wander in the back yard. Crazy. Ray took the ditch on the way up, but got lucky when a plough drove by and pulled him out. I put Chris' car off the driveway, leaving it stuck. Pure man power lifted his car back onto the driveway. Way to go team. We then shredded over to the other chalet at one point and did some crazy carpeting. None of us were prepared but went down gloveless and in jeans anyway. Team ESCAPE then proceeded to make a miraculous comeback in an epic game of flip cup. We out partied the other chalets and pretty much had to go back to our chalet because the other teams were "tired" and everyone was going to sleep and mope around as if life was hard on them. Next year, it has to be a day longer though, because I need more than 3 hours of sleep a night. FML. Wait, success! 

Thanks to everyone for being a part of the weekend.
Angry Bird

unrelated - my yard at night

she wasn't fast, but she did pretty good

this is Jorden smiling

you can't see the packing tape belt here, but it was in effect

they don't fuck around with these chalets

dialled place

so cozy and wamr. we had a fire going while we were gone for the sake of it!

coffees were spiked

bananas were deep throated by Josh. this is mid-flip cup however

Ray, Kelsey, and my feet

myself, Jaime, and captain bruise-all

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