Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Camp Fortune

Myself and Chris went up to Camp Fortune for a Sunday's worth of boarding. They let me pay as a student which was nice. Still expensive as hell though (and I didn't know it closed at 4pm). After checking out the hill and being intimidated by the other park goers, I decided to start playing on this giant hip at the base of the mountain. Nobody else was riding. A few jumps and I had some confidence back. Then I went through the park and had a good time since I wasn't too terrible. I am no snowboard guru but have seen a handful of parks and Fortune's turned out to be the best laid out and probably most enjoyable and expensive that my limited self has seen. Why do they always put the parks near the chairlifts? To embarrass the weaker riders? Or to entertain the crowd with better riders? I don't get it. It's not like a skatepark where grandma and her the whole wealthy family won't be there to watch you fail. Skateparks are perfect in that the only people there are people who can help or motivate you. Not some douche bag in a one piece that drives a leased Denali. Either way, I amped myself and started to go a lot bigger than I have in a long time. It was the perfect hip in my opinion. So much fun I stopped taking the chairlift and walked up the hill in exchange for quicker hits of the hips. Seriously, nobody was riding it. So I could have enjoyed that thing all day to myself, for free? Damn. Speaking of damn. I saw this kid loop out trying to up this barrel obstacle in the background. He looped out as his board hit the barrel, he was leaning so far back, and then as he accidentally was backflipping over it, his face came around and smashed the barrel while he was upside down. He then landed dead flat with blood pouring out of his nose. He was dazed and started to yell for help. Of course I was the only one there, and I was right at his feet. I calmed him down and took his board off. I stayed with him until ski patrol got there. Funniest thing I have seen in a while. When I realized he might have only had a broken nose, I laughed hysterically in his face. He was a good sport about. He was Asian after he hit the barrel. I am unsure if he was Asian before though.

                                                    excuse the video placement here. no idea what I am doing
myself on my favourite obstacle I have ever snowboarded (I am pretty sure I am doing a method grab?) this to me is the equivalent of a good bmx table

Chris gets his carve on

I have hilarious photos that include Chris' butt crack and his packing tape belt. I decided to go with this photo instead

my imagination runs wild. Too wild for my ability as a boarder

Chris was awesome enough to take time off his board while I had a ball. This is the small kinda step-up/flyout side of the hip. Great for learning

I think this is an indy grab if my memory of cool boarders serves me correct? Check the douche bag rapper dude on my bindings straps. I was less than pleased to notice this loser recently

it's amazing what confidence can do for you. Is it mental or physical?

trying to grasp the feeling I just enjoyed because I know winter's days are limited now

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