Sunday, 26 February 2012

motocross; part 2

Here are a bunch of riding shots. Still some cool old shots are lost somewhere in photo albums, but this will have to do. If you ever get the chance, take it up as a sport or hobby. You won't regret it. It's like a mix of bmx and skiing. I hope you enjoy these archives! Big thanks to everyone who took the time to shoot photos of me!!!
Derek shot this and some more great shots of yours truly

this was a really fun jump, shot by Derek

my suicide. photo by Derek

I could do these way easier on mx than bmx. Mx is flat out easier to be decent at than bmx. Not great, but decent. photo also by Derek

one of my personal favs of me hammering a corner, shot by Derek

Brenna shot this of me

this one too

as well as this super shot

this is the equivalent of finding a new skatepark. full of lines, jumps, hips, and berms. no end of things to see an do. these pits are often 40-200 acres of playground. very exciting.

you all remember Joey from Arnprior?

Derek ripping on his bike

myself on an old railroad bridge. the exploration and trips you ened up taking, are a big part of the adventure. you find all sort of things. I have seen deer, snakes, moose, turtkles, turkeys, and coyotes to name a few.

Remi Cyr, Ottawa bmx hero of the past

Brenna saw the last post and made it known that she wasn't scared of mx and she wanted to get back on the saddle when she can. Trust me, she slammed hard. I give her a lot of credit. Hopefully we can get bikes again sometime!

I did more digging at the pits than I did at my own jumps. photo by Jorden

helmet cam! photo by Jorden

old ass photo of me doing a barhop. I was one year mc retired for this ride and jumped on a buddy's bike when he case to ride my track. That's right, I had a small, but fun track on the farm. Also seen here I am riding with a cast on the left arm. I have only ever done this trick once, for this shot.

Chris shot this nice one of me, suicide

another shot by Chris

real suicide, photo by Chris

a nothing, shot by Chris

hell clickers! I used to click them proper, but this photo was in better shape for viewing.

old nac nac with the cast

took me 10 years to learn to learn this on bmx for some reason

same cast session. this exact trick (stalefish), the no footed candy bar, was the winning trick at the Motocross de Montreal trick contest that same year, by Quebec Benoit Milot.

straight candy bar

haha an old vid grab of what I called a super no footed can can

old attempts at a superman. would have helped with a wrist. but i don't have a good excuse now, because I still do them the same on bmx. look at that sick shirt! was I bowling after?

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