Monday, 23 January 2012

first ride; snowboarding

I am sure glad I was able to get back into snowboarding years after having stopped. Just weekend warrior type stuff. But still, something fun and different during the harsh winter. Something that at times feels like riding bmx, motocross, or pretend surfing. I got my first ride in the with the crippled Chitaroni and his frugal setup. Also my first time at Edelweiss. Not all the runs were open, but the conditions were great and the hill itself was enjoyable and well priced after 3pm on Sunday ($18 to ride until 9pm, not bad). That was my freshen-up ride for Tremblant this coming weekend. Should be a doozy. After having tried to film Jay on his skis with my gopro, I got motivated to find a DIY youtube video to enhance my gopro film-ability. I made a cheap and shotty monopod that should do the job. I don't want to miss Jay's tricks. He's got a deep stylish bag that I want to capture. Meanwhile life in Casselman has been feeling like Saskatoon recently. Cold. Windy. Icy. See you at Tremblant!
Captain cheap-o's GT Boutique pant belt let go. Packing tape did the job.

2 cripples

another gopro shot of us on the lift

the sun was going down and the colours were great

Canyon freaks out for his daily mad minute of terror

he getting really close to 150lbs now

Troy actually enjoys being walked on the leash

like a car about to crash

Brenna and the dogs

still unsure what everyone was looking at

prime craftsmanship here folks

comfort no slip grip

it was a $7 setup, because the pvc was over priced. Should have bee $2. Oh well

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