Friday, 2 March 2012

metro jam !!!

I am missing my first metro jam since 2002 or so, maybe even earlier. In light of the epic weekend that is metro, here a bunch of photos from 2010 event. Enjoy.
guys will get gay and light blue angels

oddly enough, Rick Mercer is the least gay person in this photo

beards will be grown

bottles will be slept on

some people will be high

some people will sleep on bottles a second night also

some people will smash their heads

and have nice girls attend to them

some people will go high

some people will be there for sure

and some people you never know where they will be

some things are for certain

that is porn

some people will be ruthless

some people will get high again

only one person will win

buffalo bill will creep you out with a 10yr old toe nail made into a necklace

absolutely nobody will sleep

some will ride street

but EVERYONE will eat one pound burger!

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