Friday, 21 October 2011

2011 Sudbury trip photos

Here is a small gathering of photos from 2 different trips. We mostly go to Sudbury to ride the amazing trails with our hard working friends there. Sudbury is a fun place to ride. The park is good, the street is great, and the trails are just amazing. I am very lucky to have such hard working and generous friends. Make sure you are welcome showing up riding someone else's trails. It's not a skatepark and it's not yours. Be kind.
Jorden lays a flattie over Kyle as he berms by

Dirt makes Jay happier than a pig in shit
Jay does work
I shit talk Ryan Ellis for not riding trails, but he does. And he does well. Suicide
Zack Lacelle is a trail boss
style for miles
myself courtesy of the go-pro
Zack also kills the local park
Kyle and Zack get the timing just about perfect for the camera

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