Sunday, 2 October 2011

Brose Farm Dirt Jam 2011

So it went down and if you weren't there you should be bummed. I am sure Chitaroni will have have plenty more photos on facebook so you can be jealous. The weather held up and it turned out to be a perfect day of riding, followed by an old school country party with lots of non bmx'ers who know to get down. It was Josh Brose's 23rd birthday and he and his family know how to put on an event. They supplied us with food, kegs of beer, a DJ, cabins to sleep, and a really great party. I think everyone had a super time out there. His parents cheered us on while people took turns doing kegs stands. It was ridiculously fun. There was also lot of riders shredding. At one point I think we were close to 20 all riding. I didn't do much photo or video because I was having far too much a good time to get off my bike. I did for a few minutes and look at the results. This great riding was going on all day long! I am hung over, loving it, and hoping it will be an annual event. Enough said.

Big thanks to Josh and the Brose family!!!
Emile Otis is a micro human with super powers

the roll in

yours truly, photo by my buddy Ray who wrestled me and choked me out later on

CF Steve 3's his way through the set

Chris Chitaroni, big downside fastplant

Ben Desjardins killed it all day, Ruben wallride

Emile wanted to see what he looked like non shit footed

but he can't deny the truth

Chris boosted a few perfect flairs throughout the day

not sure what Jay and Jorden are looking at. nothing says dirt like 3/4 sleeve shirts
Emile gets classic with a Nastazio '97 dirt circuit no footed can can

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  1. Emile has to straighten that elbow on the Nasty-can... sloppy form.