Monday, 17 October 2011

Craz-E-Crew Cheo spring show

Every year the Craz-E-Crew puts on shows at the Cheo Tour de Nortel or something rather. It's a really good cause for children's heath. Every year I seem to get invited to the local show and enjoy myself more and more. My brother in law raises a wad of cash and does a 40km ride every year or something cool like that. It means a lot to him as his daughter (my niece) had some serious cancer issues at a very, very young age and Cheo is a large part of her successful recovery. This year was the best one yet and I got to play with some of Little Ray's Reptiles. If you have never been to Ray's, it's very south on Bank street, just out of the city. It's not expensive and very worth your time as the place is full of awesome reptiles big and small, and even birds of prey. Take the afternoon and head out there before it gets too cold. You are pretty much an idiot if you choose to not go.
this american alligator lost part of her left front foot

Maximum Vincent rides every year. This year with hair and sideburns

Ben gets yet another face shot

Ben took this shot of me with the alligator. Very neat

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