Saturday, 5 November 2011

Don't fuck with Chuck

Hallowe'en has come and gone. It was an awesome week as you can see from this first pic. I played a bunch of hockey that week. I organized a huge group for paintball. It turned out to be a lot more fun than imagined. Highly recommended. Check Chitaroni's facebook for some great photos of the action. Then we all got dressed up for the special occassion. Ben said it best "Hallowe'en should be twice a year." Then he fell asleep. Can't wait for next year. I'll probably find myself on kijiji this winter looking at paintball guns. One more toy to own eh?
Derek as Chuck Norris, with one serious fucking kick. Sweet chin music 

Ray snapped this one of me in a charity tournament

Tommy is secretly a sniper for the armed forces. He has honed and finely tuned his skills by shooting ground hogs

$55 and well worth your time.  $40 more if you are trigger happy though (me)

I wanted to do this one for a while. Then Macho Man died. I had to get it done

I celebrated with a high kick. My spandex allowed for such a high kick

Then I celebrated with a size 10 boot drop to the face

Brenna also went a dead celebrity; Amy Winehouse. Except, Brenna is hot. Here she is with her friend Lianna

Ben had a 10/10 Al Borland with Binford labelled tools and all

Ben isn't as swift as Chuck with the high kicks and ate shit

Walker Texas Ranger will shoot you IN THE FACE!!!

I finally found a use for those junky Macneil sunglasses. Macho

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