Thursday, 8 September 2011

Some recent T3i fall photos

Fall is here. Probably the best time of the year to ride, if the weather works out in your favour that is. With the crap weather I am finding plenty of time to go through my photos. Here is few recent ones from  the last few weeks.

On Labour Day, an OC Transpo Special Constable was cool enough about giving us the boot from the transit area where Nick is pictured below. Funny though, he finished his piece with "school's back in tomorrow hahahahahaha." In my head I thought, you fool, I am almost 30 years old and I have a sweet job, you are the idiot working while I play. 

A few weeks back I hit up the L'Ongeuil skatepark on the South Shore of Mtl with Chitaroni. I had been wanting to hit this park over the years. Upon arrival I found the wood had been replaced with that grey recycled plastic material. It was grippy enough and turned out to be a cool park with some unique ramps. Worth checking out. While in the area, we hit up Boucherville concrete park. An odd hole in the ground park. It was a bit late in the day and kiddies were using it as pre-school playground. It's a giant oval with quarters and banks all the way around. Odd indeed, but worth hitting at least once.

Hope the photos are ok so far. I like to think they will only get better with time. More after the jump!
Nick Stupich with a proper street fufanu in Ottawa
Ben Desjardins is always getting better. Big CP downwhip
He does really awesome tables too
Up close and personal. Here Ben disconnects his foot and uses it as a front brake. Can Vader (Cader)
Chris Chitaroni whipping the L'Ongeuil park near Mtl. I highly recommend checking this place out
Canyon catching some Z's

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