Sunday, 25 September 2011


So we went to New York City for a long weekend and it was great. Here are a few random shots thrown in until I can get my act together for a real update. If you go to New York, pay more and stay in Manhattan, the extra coin will be worth not dealing with transit! We checked out Pat's art exhibit "Smell the Blood" on Broadway. Pretty awesome that he has done that so early in his career. We know it's a sign of good things to come for Pat! Later.

Pat Kryzanowski's art exhibit on Broadway!

my fav

they take 9/11 very seriously.  anyone who has been to church will find this picture odd

I wanted to tip these things over

concrete jungle

Hudson river looking over towards Jersey

Jorden didn't make it Barcelona, but he found his way in New York's famous FAO Shwartz toy store

Brenna snapped fine shot in a Sex and the City tour we did. This was one of the martini bars from the show

city life

latte life

John Lennon's memorial in Central Park, near his apt where he was shot

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