Thursday, 15 September 2011

Craz-E-Crew show in Gatineau

I was able to catch up with the guys for the final show of the day at the Gatineau Balloon Festival. Everyone was shredding the ramps pre-show, but my bottom bracket shit the bed. A perfect time to pull the camera out. Shooting with a flash is sort of new for me and it's a fun challenge to get the photos the way you want, especially as the sun goes down quickly. You have to react and work with the camera's limitations (flash sync at a 1/200, etc). I was fairly happy with these and you can see from the first few photos when the sun really dropped. These were shot with the Opteka 6.5 fisheye and Canon 50mm. The Craz-E-Crew is always a good time and if you bring your bucket and capable of jumping there is a fair chance they'll let you session in between shows. I have been fortunate enough to travel with them in the past and really enjoy seeing the new and different up and comers join the team. Jumping is the shit.
Craz-E-Crew is just that. Never one to disapoint, Ben flips over Will. He isn't huge, but the flip certainly is

Emile Otis, solid superman

Jay Leroux flipping

Jay had to ninja his way out of the flip though

Jorden Guth gets in on the session, no footed can can

Colony's Steven Moxley with a dipped 360 toboggan

Will Fisher rides for 1664 BMX and is from Burlington, Ontario, and also is a certified badass on a bike

I really like this photo with co-owner/ bmx legend, Patrick Chenier announcing

Norco's Ben Kaufmann is also co-owner of the Craz-E-Crew and rides like a madman

Benny inspects his seat mid powerman. No longer superman, pure power

Will cranks a lookdown

Emile learned superman seatgrabs the day of the show

Moxley floats a slow whip for the crowd

Will cranks a 360 lookback

Ben post show, always pumped after a good session

Emile strangely resembles the Joker during superman tricks

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