Tuesday, 6 September 2011

2010 Canon 40D photo offload

The 40D is long gone now. It made it's way to the mysterious Chris Campbell somewhere in Alberta. It's either collecting dust or being used for creepy photos of girls. Here are a bunch of my favs from 2010 I found while poking around on my hard drive. More photos after the jump. Did I get that right? "after the jump..." Bloggin'!
Norco's Ben Kaufmann, one footed pancake in Montreal's Le Taz

Ben whip air

The one, the only, Jeff Bedard in Toronto

Jorden Guth vader jamming cp park

Ben is so easy to shoot photos of. Backflip at the Sudbury trails

Ben super whip

Benny again

Ben is pretty much a locomotive

Ben no hander stretched to the max

Zack, Sudbury local. And now famed "guy in the sky" newpaper style photo

Ben, indian can?

Chris Chitaroni, textbook "Landozine" in Mtl

Ten Pack/Federal/Animal rider, Corey Dewey. Downwhip in his town of Mtl

Sean Cooke's kitten I think?

Crazy Fucking Steve, lawnmower in Picton, Ontario

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