Thursday, 9 October 2014

iphone offload 2014

a giant snapping turtle being removed from the side of the road where she tried to lay eggs
Sometimes it's handy to have the phone after all.

these are either wild turkeys, or crites from the movie critters

brose jam mx action

you know when you go to the those restaurants and they have crayons and paper, this is what I do

team manitoulin

rcmp officer Rad reporting for rain duty

I won't get too many of these anymore, never actually got a photo of this trick and it will never happen again. Bob Kohl proper one handed style

plumpy in the pool pre surgery

something I made for my friend Roger when he passed away in 2002, this still in front yard on the tree by the road. Puts goosebumps on my skin every time I pass the house

Ray gets some alligator bites on our Placid trip

Ray with the unfortunately dead owl

I like working on bikes that are not rusted and stripped out hunks of junk

I do some nutty things with my vehicles, but this is special

at a track

coming home from the nightshift, blazing sun a jet streams making an "X", neat

found a lot of snakes this year, here is a grass snake I caught with Canyon

this weird little one with Jeff, not seen is its red belly

arts and crafts with Uncle Rich. My drink became a witch, and yes that is Slimer below

a milksnake I cam across

CB500 was nice enough to shoot these photos

off to one of many weddings, please stop getting married everyone

saw this on Jeff's parent's fridge

a slightly bigger snake at work a few weeks back. A python that was on the loose

Leland's goats, I just love animals

enough so to spend $4000 on their knee surgery. These are Canyons removed staples

the funniest animal of all though

white fish!

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