Friday, 11 July 2014

motored machines

Jaime shreds on the warrior, my fav photo from the session

Jeff got the itch to get a dirt bike. So I found him one in the area. That gave me an itch. Jeff came down with the trailer to get it with Jaime. Hey's let's go to a nearby pit and bring the Yamaha Warrior 350 quad I bought and never have time or motivation to use. I was never into quads as a first machine, good toys, but only if I have a few serious machines first to play on. We hit up the pit and had a good 'ol time. Jeff had his first dirt bike experience and Jaime totally shredded on the quad. Not sure when Jaime last rode a quad, but it was as if he was a daily driver. Check the photos for proof, he wasn't rolling into the turns, he was cooking. We had a great time. Problem is that really started an itch for me. Still more updates coming.

sequence photo prior to the one above

quick discussion 

Jeff on his legendary 2001 Honda XR400

I finally get a photo on the beast, it runs great for a little 350

tiny air

Jeff figuring out how sketchy dirt biking can be 

then Jeff shredded on the quad, "big guy on a little quad"

he was fast though

my turn

Jeff laughs about the off road vibrations through his um…

captain fast

doesn't matter if it's a snowboard, go kart, or bmx, Jaime is always fast

I found a little launch, this felt natural and really caused the itch to get worse

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