Friday, 27 September 2013

Beautiful September

Derek cruises with style on his Honda Shadow

September has proven to been one of the nicer months we have had all year. It's been sunny and perfect for wearing jeans and a tshirt. Can't complain. Check out some stuff going on in life while you are stuck at work not enjoying this weather. All shot with the 50mm on the t3i, except for the bmx photos of me, that was Chitaroni with the 7d and 15mm fisheye.

he has some really fun corners near his house and he almost scraped his pegs here

so we bothered the neighbours but ripping by a bunch of times

good shot Derek, thanks

then we went to the gun range

Derek shooting his SKS 

cut off jeans and cut off flannel shirt, Casselman baby

we are both lefty's

Jay throws a casual dwhip. Jay was worried about his form and wanted to make sure his feet were together

flying V

Jay with a nice toboggan transfer from spine to box

he really gets the bars sideways

I forced him to toss the bars for the camera

slobber fest

Canyon gets swatted by Lucas

and Lucas appears to be a great white shark here


father in law's Harley Softail heritage Classic

Lucas takes a break from his assault

Chitaroni snapped this one of me at Orleans

and this time with the flash to counter the sun

this is how I prepare for Habs games. Slippers, underwear, Habs hat, and cooking Turkey breast

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