Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Happy bday Jorden and Ginger

Gordy and the wheel jam of death at L'Orignal. Shot on my t3i with Chit's 10-20mm wide lens.

 Happy birthday Jorden and Ginger. Don't know what dates or how old you guys are. I don't have Facebook and can sooner remember NHL pro's stats. But I don't love you guys any less. Here are some  classics of Ginger and more from an NYC/Philly/NJ trip we took in 2008. With the crashed hard drive I was extremely lucky to come across this cd with the trip photos (shot with the old 40D) I had burned for Chris way back when, but forgot to give the disc to him a thousand times. My fav part of that road trip with Jeff, Ginger, and Prashant, was Philly. It had amazing street and really felt like a true adventure with new things to ride around every corner. The only thing we mapped out were those cities. Nothing else. It was get in the car and go. A proper bmx road trip. Hope to go back someday. Do people ride street anymore though? And Hey, that trip made a lot of footage for Hate This. 90% of ginger's part was from this trip. Dude shredded it up road fools style. Won't be a ton of updates coming up here. People got lame for Hallowe'en, so nothing there to share. And I am off on a double knee surgery for the next good while. It's going well. hopefully I can be riding for Feb or so.

Happy birthday guys!

on the way home from the recent L'Orignal session I pulled over to snap this photo of the sunset.

Ginger lays down a Luc-E grind at a famous Ottawa ledge, 2007 I think

more 2007/2008 action at the trails 
guy definitely knows all the lyrics to every Slayer song ever


aw the youth, Manhattan

Jeff sessions a hobo

Ginger footjam in Jersey. Always liked this photo

me on this neat tranny

Ginger foot jams the sub

he did this rail to 180 a few times but a ill placed planter refused to allow him to roll out properly. He must have done it 50 times

Jeff sessions the famous Pink school rail in Philly as the homies look on

cockmaster toothpick in the Philly Glebe

a homeless man took this photo for us. Thanks Philly homeless man!

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