Tuesday, 23 July 2013

North Carolina roadtrip

4x4 jeep life
Long overdue update. I have been super busy and unmotivated to update this blog as I am still heartbroken from losing my hard drive of my life.

Anyway, enough about that. Earlier this summer myself, Jeff, Chitaroni, Jorden, and Nick Stupich decided it was time. Time to go see Roland, Shelley, and Rev in their new home in Kuri Beach, North Caronlina. It's not too far from South Carolina and it would be a decent drive. Jorden and myself got in my CRX and the other three guys got gay together in the Honda Fit. It was a dreadful drive to get there, but you know we laughed so much. I might fly their next time, but I wouldn't take back the way we did it. Turns out Roland lives in paradise. Pura Vida in Kura Beach. Place was awesome and the LaBrecque's were great hosts. We surfed, off roaded, camped, drank, swam, drank some more. We then made out way to Greenville in hopes of riding bmx history. We road the Animal House. I didn't enjoy the 22ft tall ramps personally, but everyone else shredded it up. Roland came out of retirement for the trip to throw down some final bangers! Guy is a fantastic human. We then got to the famous outdoor park Jaycee. Place is amazing and we had some fun. I can hardly remember what happened after that. We rode some crazy concrete park in Virginia somewhere, then we stayed in some hotel in Washington. We ate burgers, drank in our underwear, and stunk the place up. One more great memory for when I am old and decrepit. Or older and decrepiter (spelling?). Thanks to everyone for making the wonderful roadtrip happen, especially Roland and his family.

Most photos done with Canon T3i with the Tamron 18-270 lens and the Opteka Fisheye. POV shots were with the go pro.

Check back really soon for a few Costa Rica trip updates!

nice place Roland

on the way to the beach 

happy camper

the water here was beautiful

we ate on this great pier

Jeff makes the most of this drink


Roland is just rad 24/7

people winding down

Nick and Jeff waiting to get crushed

Chit goes for a boogy

I look cool here, but I sure didn't look cool falling off the board nonstop

boogy boarding I can do

Roland getting ready to catch a wave

the group looks on. Chit poaches

Nick in his natural habitat

Jeff with a Natural, ice that is. Natty ice son.

way to go Dad

Jorden toothpicks the 27ft tall quarter pipe

Chit lookback transfer

Chit with a skink type lizard that snuck into the park

Jorden with another toothpick. This time on a 33ft tall quarter

Roland takes off
Jorden couldn't go his normal height because he hasn't ridden much, but damn he can still click 'em

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