Wednesday, 24 July 2013

iphone randoms

Honda fleet

I couldn't wait to get my phone clear of photos before the Costa Rica updates. Enjoy some randomness.

good friend Justin German moved to Saskatchewan to be an engineer. So we framed his jersey, signed it and slapped in some photos of him and our championship as a thank you. Super awesome guy

the 1981 CB650 right before I sold it. A little cafe twist. Bike pulled hard, but had a leaking base gasket. It had no longer become worth it for me since I wouldn't keep it regardless. Had fun doing the fun little things to it like the paint, emblems, miny mirror, fabricating the headlight visor, fork boots, headset bearing, etc.

because the Cb was supposed to be for Brenna originally, I had to find something else since I had just sold her bday gift (weak). But I did find her a sweet bike to make up for it. Something smaller and lighter. Something well suited to a new rider. I started to work on it and take a look at what kind of crap came out of the air box. That was only part of it.

here she is after I did some work on it. 1979 Twinstar 185. Some new bars that are not retarded, new grips, plugs, carb boot, and general maintenance and cleaning and she fires up no problem. I can "kickstart" this bike with one hand. I am serious. Runs so well. Since then I got it some cheap mini signals from ebay, mini rear stop light/plate combo, fork boots, a mini round speedo, and am currently fabricating a new dash lights system and headlight visor. So pumped on this little machine. Now I just have to fix the oil leak from the shifter...

on my way to court (for work) downtown on Albert St. I noticed this absolutely flattened rodent. Appears to be a muskrat judging from the tail. This thing wasn't small. PANCAKE!

Jorden's gross ass zombie foot from the Carolina trip. And this was well after it was as its worst

bonfire at Derek's with his xmas tree going up. I don't think this is from the phone though

my real ride now. 1986 Interceptor 500. Picked this baby up in Mtl. It's nearly mint and runs perfect. I took the fork legs off and had seals done in Moose Creek, recovered the seat, put some mini signals on, threw some new plugs in, and repainted the resonator muffler section underneath (not visible). Everything else is original paint and all. Such a fun ride

took a ride to the top of Gatineau Hill

along my travels in the country I came across this baby snapping turtle. Hard to tell, but it's only a few inches long

also in the backroads of the country I came across this 2002 Civic Si. Got some kid to drop it off for a very low price. Should be a promising winter car!

Canyon enjoying my hard work for the new bonfire pit

more animals from the country

I also stumbled upon this in the street. I found it like this, honestly. It's a hard elastic for those of you who don't have girlfriends

and even more in my travels. Found this huge snapping turtle having a hard time crossing the mediam in a busy area. I backed up to get it off the road and then noticed it had either been run over or struck. Guessing struck. The shell was totally cracked all the way across, but the bleeding had clotted. It wasn't too happy to have me pick it up, but I managed to get it off the busy road and into the wet ditch where it can heal up. Should survive, although it might have problems diving for food. He was about the size of an average backpack

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