Sunday, 17 March 2013

death of a hard drive

Pat's rat gives me a tickle

Over the Christmas Holidays I had a major flood that damaged my hard drive. At the moment, I have lost everything I have ever shot photo or video of in the last 12 years or so. Not cool. Luckily insurance is trying to have the data recovered through some complicated and expensive process. I am really hoping they can get it back for us. In the meantime I haven't been up to anything photo worthy. I haven't had time and not in the mood to lug the camera around. Here are a bunch of iphone pics from the last year.

one of Canyon's many sleeping spots

almost that time of year again

buddy Frank on his Yammy R6 after work

this guy cracks me up

Ray does a kickflip at work

secret fishing spot where I see a bunch of fish and catch absolutely none


Derek firing his new (but old) rifle

hard life

he lies down and protects the new bag of dog food until I open it up, give him a scoop, and put the bag away

a large spider that makes me want to puke

Troy won't do this

I opened my car up while Lucas was over. Him and Canyon instantly went in and both tried to own the same seat
I didn't force them into the same seat. Smart animals. They choose the smallest car to do this in too

forget what type of car this. Saw it while on duty and I met the owner. He restores oldies. This was some super random limited car from the 80's. Pretty neat. No it is NOT the back to the future car. Delorian? Nope not that one. First thing I said and he shut me down.


Donna made this stuff animal based on Canyon

he loves the couch

and Brenna

and Troy's bed. You won't see Troy share too often

when all else fails, he goes into backup mode and his own body is a bed

our biggest single snowfall this year I think

went and saw a USA vs Canada sledge hockey game at the new Rockland arena. Amazing arena. And the game was insane. Like 100 full speed body checks. Way more entertaining than a bunch of millionaire cry babies. These guys got dealt the shitty deck in life and perform like you were paying them millions. Won't be the last sledge hockey game I see, I can tell you that.

Remington 870 practice from last summer

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