Monday, 17 September 2012

end of summer doesn't mean end of fun

No. No it doesn't. Here some more recent things I have been up to as well. Most notably my and Brenna's 10 year anniversary, celebrated in Quebec city. What an awesome place. Highly recommended if you haven't been yet. Just a really beautiful place to get away with a loved one. Brenna scored us a sweet hotel right in old Quebec and it was perfect being in the thick of everything every moment. There was lots to do and the city was very lively. Here are a whack of photos in no particular order. Hope everyone is getting in those final outdoor plans. Like Josh's Dirt Jam!

Zoo and Quebec photos are with the T3i and Tamron 18-270 walk around lens (lifesaver for those attainable zoom shots without carrying a second lens) and the rest are junky iphone pics.

frog with unbelievable colours. We hit the Quebec city aquarium. It was small and affordable, but has some nice surprises

This is Eddie

Here was very playful

Brenna pets the stingrays!

tiny sea horse grasping on

the jellyfish displays were really well done

I was psyched on the red

Brenna gets her iphone pics in

I love this shot

another neat one

don't even know what this is

one of the last family parties I went to, I brought washers. People were addicted and played with teams until 3am.

I found this guy at our window one night after work. Don't see praying mantis often

some fool drove into Tim Horton's in Casselman. The woman on the other side got bucked pretty good

1981 CB650. I have some plans to cafe this bike out slightly. Looks awesome already. Not quite road ready, and it looks like it going to have to wait until next year unfortunately. I have Costa Rica set on my mind instead. Not sure if I should get Brenna something under 600cc for the sake of insurance prices. Darn! Might have to buy another one haha

Got some fishing done in Casselman. This was a neat obstacle that we had to cross

did some sleeping in with my friends

I won tickets for WWE way back on Chez106 because I called in and threatened the radio hosts like a wrestler would. I took my Dad and we got a great shiow. Rey Mysterio gets some hangtime against Mike McGuillicutty (Mr.Perfect's son - Joe Hennig)

here Shamus does a Boston crab on Daniel Bryan and sits down further than any wrestler I have ever seen during this move. These guys are fake, but damn they do a great job. I hadn't seen a live show since I was about 8 years old

Look who showed back up. I rescued him from drowning in Canyon's pool. Then he tried to attack me

We also attended Brenna's sis' wedding this summer. Dang we look good!

Quebec city entertainers

one awesome store was filled with all sorts of native and outdoors type stuff

nun with crocs, not acting.

it was cold but the weather held out for us

on top of a section of the fort wall, with a canon

these guys played like dogs

and these guys played like bigger dogs. Really, it was something to see

Eddie was a hoot. Doing this stuff on purpose. Check the water exiting the cone.

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