Monday, 24 September 2012

more photos from Quebec + Roland bonus shot

Roland with a pocket table transfer in North Carolina. Photo by Stacey Peralta of Peralta Grind 
Just some more photos from our QC trip. Also a great shot I have been meaning to put of Roland shot by his friend. Roland was down this summer, so hopefully you got to shred a bit with him. He hasn't slowed down a bit! Way to go Roland. Awesome sequence!

Me and Eddy

Horned owl has a snooze

Python, love the pattern.

this tiny guy had a cool pattern too

My turn to touch the rays

characters on the move

really neat place that is well preserved

the bands were so cool to hear

another band practising for a show

it's old building after old building, but some areas are accompanied by newer statues and art. It's such a great place. Why can't Ottawa follow their lead and stop worrying about everything so much?

the place was really clean, and there wasn't a cop in sight. Makes you wonder, how they keep it that way

I want to model my home after this town

love birds


great view

one of the celtic bands, they were amazing. The "Irish bastards"

shot from our late night walk to the jazz bar

shot from the top of montmorecy falls, looking out

us and the falls. Another cool stop in Quebec City!

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