Thursday, 30 August 2012

over cooked and over due

Kyle Lafleur generously got me Iron Maiden tickets in Toronto for my bday. In all my years of listening to metal, I never really liked Maiden. They were awesome live. As good or better than any show I have seen. Great sound and superior stage presence. Here the stage is lit with flames. Next bunch of photos are randoms of my iPhone.
 Holy hell. One word to describe summer; BUSY. A second word? Fun.

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's just been so insane that finding half an hour to do this has been tough. But that is good, that means I haven't been on a computer all summer. Great news. Enjoy the pics. More to come in the next few weeks, as well as summer mashup video edit. Another great summer in the books!

Benny came with me and we drank on some train tracks. Shortcut to some hipster party

speaking of hipsters, here is Prashant being mysterious. He was our gracious host

Captain lights out. Took a solid nap in the street after the party. iphone in hand...

Dental Plan! got my teeth fixed finally. feels good

I never put photos from work on here, but I thought people really need a quick glimpse of doing drugs does to your life. Dirty used needles everywhere waiting to infect someone. This is my workplace.

You would see much more going in this room in person, the photo does not do it justice. If you ever considered drugs, think again. Don't do it.

a "client's" caiman. 

Brenna enjoyed her 26th bday recently and we scooped up 25 people and all went rafting. Happy bday! Rafting photos are shot on the go pro.

we stopped at this neat swim hole. water was warm and it was 32 degrees out, perfect!

Stephanie tries to swim up stream

our crew

dig in

get in!

surfing. We get into this hole and try to keep the boat there as long as possible. Most boats flipped. Which would be fun as hell, but I guess we listened to instructions well

gopro photos can be awkward because people don't know when the photo is being taken

in for a dip

Brenna got a sweet tank top for organizing a big boat of people. We had a great time after rafting, volley ball, washers, hot tub, dancing, staying up late. The party photos were taken with brenna's Canon Elph point and shoot. I didn't want to lug around the SLR all night

Brenna and Ray hang loose

She is easy to find out there

hamming it up

Liana actually does work for Cirque de Soleil. No really, for real

The gingers shy away from the flash. They don't want to get burnt!

as you can see everyone had a good time. I think our group set the pace and other people followed, and got undressed

Brenna and Donna were two stepping when Donna stepped off an invisible ledge (this dance floor is notorious for people falling), they went down together and this random guy made sure to get in the photo. Well done sir.

back at it!

I was hit mtl street a few weeks back with Jorden. I bugged him about never having wallride photos. So he shot a few with his new Canon 60D and 50mm 1.4 lens. This is the wallride school, the best spot in the world pretty much.

I felt like I was on the cover of bmxPlus! Another wallride pic, this time Jorden used the Canon 15mm fisheye and my remote flash

I snapped this one of Jorden tabling out of a wally. His 60D with the 50mm

Jorden couldn't get me in focus to save his life. I am running it anyways! 50mm setup with flash

Criag Robinson's buddy Dave was around at Park Jerry and shredded with treu bmx style. Here he boosts the volcano trails style. 60D with my Opteka 6.5mm fisheye and one onboard and one remote flash

Jorden earlier in the day the Big O. Moments before wrecking his wrist on a barspin down a 3 set

Back to Tdot. Ben toothpicks this neat setup in Scarborough. Real fun park. I shot this on Ben's Nikon setup with remote flashes

And Kyle get the last pic with a nice loopback. Same camera setup here with me on the trigger

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